TimeToSignUp participants sometimes need to cancel an item or edit personal info. In order to change the item for which you signed up or edit your personal info after you signed up, you have one or two options.

Method One (which is always an option) is to contact the person in charge of your sign up sheets. The contact email address for the account administrator can be found on the confirmation message that you received after you signed up. 

Method Two (which is an option if the creator of your specific sign up sheet has enabled this feature) is to use the cancel/edit button in your confirmation email

You can then follow the instructions on the website to undo your selection. 

Not every sign up sheet creator enables the feature to cancel online, so you may or may not have access to this link. 

If you do not have your confirmation email, you can use our search tool to retrieve the information.

As a policy, FislerData, the creator of TimeToSignUp.com, will not change the content of sign up sheets for you.