When you, the TimeToSignUp admin for your account, are logged in, you will see icons beside each of the items on the sign up sheet.

  • To edit the items that are already on the sign up sheet, click on the "paper/pencil" icon directly beside the item. This will enable a box for you to edit the item. Once you have edited it, simply press the "enter" key to save your changes.
  • To add a new item to your sign up sheet, simply type the item in the box at the bottom of the column where it says "Admin: Add an item here to display on the sign up sheet." When you are finished typing the item, press "enter" to save the item.
  • To delete an item on the sign up sheet, click on the (x) beside the item.
    To duplicate an item already on the sign up sheet, click on the "plus sign with two squares" icon

One of the most frequent questions we receive is, "How do I remove the editing features so that the participants don't edit the sign up sheet?" When you, the admin, are logged in, you see the editing icons (add, edit, delete, duplicate items plus options to add/edit columns, delete the sign up sheet, etc.). Don't worry - you are the only one who can see those features because you are the only one who logs in. Your participants will view the sign up sheet, but they won't be logged in, so they will not be able to make any edits to your sign up sheet.