With a TimeToSignUp Platinum Level subscription, participants who signed up for items are able to 

  1. cancel (or "undo") their sign up.
  2. edit the personal information they entered when signing up.

To enable this feature, the Platinum Level subscriber should follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your TimeToSignUp account
  2. When creating the sign up sheet (or if the sign up sheet is already created, select "edit title, comment, etc." from the administrator drop-down menu), click on "Show Advanced Options" to display all of the available options.
  3. Find the option labeled "Allow participants to cancel their selection or edit personal info prior to a date you specify?"
  4. Select "Yes."
  5. Specify a cut-off date and time. Participants may cancel/edit prior to the date and time you select.
  6. After making any other changes to the sign up sheet's options, press the button at the bottom to save changes. The text of the button varies depending on whether you are creating a new sign up sheet or editing an existing sign up sheet.

When a participant signs up for an item, the confirmation email will include a link so that he/she can cancel. The link is valid prior to the cut-off date you specified. Users accessing the link past the cut-off date will not be able to cancel their sign up.