TimeToSignUp admins can use the easy share URL to give to participants. The easy share URL is short and, for Platinum subscribers, is customizable. 

To customize the URL, please use these directions:

  1. Log in to your TimeToSignUp account as an admin
  2. Go to your TimeToSignUp sign up sheet or registration form
  3. Locate the easy share URL near the top of the web page:
  4. Click on the "edit" icon to enable edit mode:
  5. Enter your desired "short name" for the sign up sheet. The short name can contain numbers, letters and dashes.
  6. Press the "save" button. If your desired short name is available, your new easy share URL will save, and your sign up sheet will be accessible using the new URL. In our example, we could give the URL ttsu.me/mondaymeet to participants so that they could easily get to the sign up sheet. This short URL is great for including in texts, emails, and printed material.