TimeToSignUp will send copies of confirmation emails to additional administrators. 

(If you do not have additional administrators added to your account, please see our support article to add account administrators.)

If you have additional administrators added to your TimeToSignUp account, please use these directions to configure additional admins who will receive confirmation emails for a TimeToSignUp sheet.

  1. Log in to your TimeToSignUp account
  2. Go to the TimeToSignUp sheet
  3. Using the "Sign up sheet Administrator Options" menu, select "Admin Email and Access."
  4. You will see a table of your account administrators similar to the one below. (If you do not have additional account administrators, press the button on the page to add additional account administrators.)

  5. For the additional administrators who are to receive copies of confirmation emails for the TimeToSignUp sheet, check the box in the column labelled "Additional Admin Who Will Receive Confirmation Emails..."

  6. Changes save automatically.