The quickest way to learn how to create a TimeToSignUp sheet is to watch our how-to tutorial: 

To create a TimeToSignUp sheet...
  1. On the home screen, click on the blue "Create" button:
  2. Then click on "New TimeToSignUp Sheet"
  3. Next, give your TimeToSignUp sheet a title:
  4. You can optionally include a comment/instructions for the TimeToSignUp sheet in the "optional comments" field.
  5. Press the button to "Create Sign Up Sheet"
  6. Next enter a column heading. This is a description of what participants will be signing up for. It is not the actual items that participants are signing up for - that comes in the next step. Then press "Save Column Heading." (In our example, we are using the heading "Pasta Sauce Donations.")
  7. Next, enter an item for which the participants will be signing up. This is where you list the actual item - and you can enter more items after this one. For example, if the column heading is "Paste Sauce Donations" then the item could be "2 jars of pasta sauce." You can also change the quantity if you will need multiple donations/volunteers. Press "Save Item."
  8. After saving the item, you can either
    1. Add more items to the column:
    2. or add a new column:
  9. Continue adding items and/or columns until all of your needs are posted on the TimeToSignUp sheet. All changes save automatically!
  10. When you are finished, you can share the TimeToSignUp sheet with the members of your organization. See Notify/Email Participants about Sign Up Sheet

Platinum subscribers have the option of creating multiple sign up sheets. If you are not a Platinum subscriber, you can upgrade to a Platinum subscription by using the "upgrade" option in the "Welcome, [name]!" drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.