You have three options for re-using one of your TimeToSignUp sheets. Please note that only Platinum subscribers may have multiple sign up sheets. If you are not a Platinum subscriber, your only choice is Option 3 below.

If you are a Platinum subscriber, Option 1 is the quickest and easiest

  1. Using the "Sign up sheet administrator options" drop-down menu
    select "Clear participant info." This will clear all participants from the existing sign up sheet so that it is ready to be used again.
  2. Duplicate the existing sign up sheet using the "Duplicate" option in the administrator drop-down menu above the sign up sheet. This will create a new sign up sheet with all of the items listed, but it will be "clear" of any sign ups (no participants will be shown).
  3. Delete each individual participant from the existing sign up sheet. To delete a participant, click on the X beside the participant's name.