TimeToSignUp admins can include a picture/image on a sign up sheet. This requires several steps and admittedly is for the more tech-savvy admin. This does not involve uploading a file to TimeToSignUp. The picture you want to use must be hosted on your own web server or a web server which you have permission to use.

  1. Log in as the admin
  2. Go to the TimeToSignUp sheet
  3. From the "Sign Up Sheet Administrator Options" drop-down menu, choose "Edit title, comment..."
  4. In the tool area of the comment section, press the icon to enter code view:
  5. Enter the first line HTML code as shown below, but include the URL of your image/picture between the quotes.
    HTML code to enter: <img src="URL FOR YOUR PICTURE GOES HERE">
    You will not include the words URL FOR YOUR PICTURE GOES HERE, they are just a placeholder for your URL.
    The quotes are needed - don't delete them!
    The second line of HTML code (<p>Thank...) is example only; you do not need to include it.
  6. When you press the "code view" button again to exit code view, you should see your picture!
  7. Don't forget to press the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the screen