TimeToSignUp admins can specify custom, pre-defined responses for participants to choose when signing up. Doing so creates a drop-down menu when participants are signing up.

For example, if your organization is providing t-shirts to all volunteers, you can have participants enter their t-shirt size. In our directions below, we will walk through setting up a field so that participants can choose their t-shirt size.

  1. Log in as a TimeToSignUp admin
  2. Go to Admin Options -> Fields: Edit Data You Collect

  3. Scroll to one of the fields that has a checkbox for "Custom Drop-Down Responses"

  4. Check the box for "Custom Drop-Down Responses

  5. In the text field that appears after you check the box for "Custom Drop-Down Responses," enter the choices that you are offering for participants to select when signing up


    A few notes:
    1. Enter one choice per line
    2. Responses will be displayed to participants in the order displayed in your text field
    3. Participants can select only one option when signing up
    4. If including multipole languages, include both on the same line
  6. To see how your drop-down menu will appear, press the "preview" button.

    After pressing the "preview" button, you will see your drop-down menu.
  7. To return to a "text field" instead of a drop-down menu, uncheck the "Custom Drop-Down Responses" checkbox
  8. When finished, press the save button at the bottom