After you complete your TimeToSignUp sheet, you can share it with members of your organization so that they can easily sign up. After all, getting people to sign up is the goal, right? 

Use these steps to make it easy to share your TimeToSignUp sheet.

  1. Log in as the admin.
  2. Go to the TimeToSignUp sheet.
  3. Press the "sharing options" button near the top of the TimeToSignUp sheet.
  4. The pop-up dialog that appears after pressing the "sharing options" provides two URLs and a QR code you can provide to your organization so they can directly access the TimeToSignUp sheet.

The "URL of TimeToSignUp Sheet" is great for emailing to members of your organization.

The "Easy Share URL" is short so if members have to type the URL, the likelihood of making a typo decreases. It's great to send to participants by text due to its short length. Also, Platinum members can edit the easy share URL, making it even more user-friendly.

For Platinum subscribers, a QR code is available. The QR code is great if you are distributing the TimeToSignUp sheet in a newsletter, video, poster - any place that users can quickly pull out their phone and scan the QR code. Simply right-click (or on a Mac, control-click) to save the image, then insert the image in your communications.