TimeToSignUp does not have an option for file attachments. Tech-savvy admins, however, can create a link to a file hosted elsewhere.

  1. Upload your file to a website. This could be your organization's website, or even a Google docs location.
  2. Copy the location of the file. This location will be in the form http://www.website.com/file_location.
  3. Go to the TimeToSignUp sign up sheet, then click on the link to edit the Title, Comment, etc.
  4. In the comment section, paste the link to the file. 
  5. Highlight the text, then click on the "link" icon in the editor's toolbar. The link icon will make the link "clickable" so that when a participant views the sign up sheet, the link can be clicked on to view the attachment. Read more about creating links on TimeToSignUp.